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Confidence and the Young Dog

Whether a puppy is destined to excel in competition, conformation, or just spend his time as a companion, it is crucial to take the time to build his self esteem, confidence, and sense of well being. His level of confidence will have a direct effect on how well he...

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Building a Foundation for Success

Getting a new puppy or dog is always an exciting event! The days, weeks, and months that follow will be loads of fun, as well as, thought provoking and challenging! Start building a great foundation the very first day you bring your new pup or dog home! 1. “Structure”...

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Introducing a new dog Adult or Puppy

Q. When introducing a new dog, adult or puppy, into the household with a Cirneco, what should we take into consideration before bringing home the new pet, how should they be introduced, what behavioral indicators should we be aware of or watch for to avoid possible...

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