National Specialty and Supported Entry

Dates:  September 17 and 18, 2016, with performance events also available on September 13, 14, and 16, 2016. Location: Purina Farms, Gray Summit, Missouri. Visit the website for Purina Farms to learn more about the Purina Farms Event Center, as well as area lodging,...

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Introducing a new dog – Adult or Puppy

Cirnechi Chat January 2009 Reprint Q. When introducing a new dog, adult or puppy, into the household with a Cirneco, what should we take into consideration before bringing home the new pet, how should they be introduced, what behavioral indicators should we be aware...

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Cirnechi Athletic Fitness

Cirnechi Chat Dec 2009 Reprint Lure coursing season is upon us and with it comes a change in activity for our little athletes. Although lure coursing injuries are infrequent, they do occur. There are several proactive measures we can take to minimize the risk of...

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Ask the Vet

Cirnechi Chat May 2009 Reprint What can I do to help care for my dog's teeth? Dental care is very important, as dental disease promotes infection which can travel to the heart valves and internal organs. This is especially evident as we take better care of our dogs...

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Today’s most knowledgeable Cirneco specialist

Cirnechi Chat April 2009 Reprint Domenico Tricomi is arguably today’s most knowledgeable Cirneco specialist. As a Cirneco breeder, hunter, writer, FCI hunting judge, and mathematician he is well respected in Italy. In reference to his Cirneco “passion” the following...

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First Encounter of the Cirneco Kind

Cirnechi Chat April 2008 Reprint I was invited to attend a Meet & Greet hosted by Jim Buden and Suzette Meshulam in New York City. After obsessively stalking the Cy’era Cirnechi website for weeks, I was thrilled at the thought of finally seeing a Cirneco in person....

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The Chat is now QUARTERLY! Want to make sure your Cirneco appears in the Fall issue? Here are some ideas…
Does your dog have a birthday coming up?
Do you have a favorite recipe (something your hound loves or something just for humans)?
Do you want to put in a remembrance of a special Cirneco family member you’ve lost?
Any of these PLUS brags, photos and stories should be emailed to editor Margie Luck at by October 15, 2016.


∴ Lily Bennett of Vancouver, Washington
∴ Sandra Dowdy of San Leandro, California
∴ Marianne Klinkowski of Cupertino, California
∴ Cheryl McDermott of Ethel, Washington
∴ Kari Mundschau of Denver, Colorado
∴ Dennis Schmidt of Las Vegas, Nevada


Make sure if you attend the Specialty to take lots of photos so that we can have everyone represented in the Chat!



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