Mission Statement

CdECA’s mission is to rescue all Cirnechi in need of aid, find permanent safe homes for Cirnechi that have been given up for adoption or otherwise displaced. All efforts will be made to match dogs with the most suitable situation for their age, health and activity level. The rescue committee will nurture a positive relationship between adoptive owners and the club.

Please contact us at for assistance with identification, placement assistance and adoption.

cirneco-22Only trained Cirnechi can be trusted off leash and then only in “safe” areas far from roads and highways. Cirnechi love nothing more than to crawl under the covers at the end of a long day!  Thus, “Primitive Hunters-Bedwarmers”


If you are considering adopting a Cirneco, here are some things you should know: currently there are just over 400 registered Cirnechi in North America; it is small, hardy and loves to hunt – so expect a reaction when a cat or squirrel passes by; it is an active, ancient breed eager to please and loves to be alongside you at all times; is curious and playful while also being vigilant and independent; your tone of voice and a firm ‘NO!’ will quickly let your Cirneco know who is the pack leader; Cirnechi need the protection of fenced running areas.